Yuna in 2009

Species Dog/Aussiedor
Gender  Female
Birthday October 5, 2008
Nickname(s) given Yunalaska, Yunaleska

OK (as of April 2013)


Kiyoko (mother)

Rirrouii (daughter)

Yuki (brother)

Sparrow/Batman (daughter, formerly)

Brutus (grandson, not from batch)

Yuna' (also known as Yunalaska or Yunaleska) (ユナ Yuna) 'is an aussiedor bred by Kiyoko on October 5, 2008. She is currently 5 human years.


As mentioned above, Yuna is a female aussiedor with some brown and some white on her in some parts of her fur. She also wears a green collar on her neck, with brown eyes. She currently has some breathing problems which sounds like she actually growled. She is mostly calm, sometimes she barks  at times.

Her puppiesEdit

She had her first batch of puppies since April 7, 2009, while she was at least 6 months. She currently has about 5. As of November 8, 2013, she has no batches in both 2010 and possibly 2013.


  • She had no puppy litters in 2010.
    • Although she had no litters in 2010. Speaking of puppy litters she had, she had her second batch in January 6 and 7, 2011, with the batch of Rirrouii and Poody, respectively. She currently has 5, with her latest in November 8, 2012.

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