"Batman" in 2012

Sparrow / Batman
Species Dog/Aussiedor
Gender Female
Nickname(s) given Batman, she mostly responds to "Puppy"
Birthday November 8, 2012 (12 months, 1 year)
Status OK

Yuna (mother, formerly)

Sparrow (also known as Batman or "Puppy") (スペロー Superō, lit. Sparrow) is an aussiedor with mostly black on her fur, along with some white patches on parts of her fur. The white on her chest almost looks like a cape, she was known as Batman. She was born in 2012 of November by Yuna. She was given away in February 2013. She even got given to another in March 2013.


Mentioned above, Sparrow is a female aussiedor with mostly black on her fur, while she has white on her. She wears a blue collar.


After 5 months she was born in 2012 in November, she almost heavily resembles Kiyoko, the mother of Yuna.

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